In Leaders link, find and select the tab titled “Home Office Request”, hit the “New Home Office Request” button.

In the drop down menu, select “Add/Change Authorized User” and hit continue.

Fill in all fields with the vertical red line, as these are required fields:

  • Advisor (you)
  • Action Requested (adding or removing an already existing user)
  • Replace existing authorized user? (if replacing a user, please give First Name, Last Name, & Email address in the “Notes” field at the bottom)
  • First Name, Last Name, Email Address (of the user you are adding or removing)
  • Registered Rep or Fingerprinted Person (Yes or No)
  • Can They Contact Us About Compensation (Yes or No)
  • Create LeadersLink Login For Them? (select if you want your assistant to be able to use LEADERSlink and view or not view your compensation)

Sign the Signature Line, after reading the disclosure.

Notes field is optional.

Hit Save.

Hit Submit for Approval and allow 24-48 hour turnaround time.

In Leaders link, find the client that this is regarding and scroll down to the Compliance Approvals section and click on “NEW COMPLIANCE APPROVAL.”

The default will be Trade Blotter; in the drop down choose “Client Update” – This gives you a template to make any change to the client record.

Scroll down to the address section and enter in the new one.

Click SAVE and then “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” – That will send it to the Accounts Team and we will change the address for you.

Make sure to change the address at the carrier as well, many of them will do it with a phone call from you.

First Initial of your last name, First Initial of your first name, and last 4 digits of your SSN.

When someone changes their name they will need to provide us with the legal documentation sent to the courts showing the name change, this could be a marriage certificate or divorce decree.  In addition we would like a Letter of instruction asking for the name to be changed with the updated signature on the letter.

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In LEADERSlink under the Dashboards tab, click on the associated year under the “Expenses/Fees” section located on the right side of the page.  This will provide all of the fees billed for the specified year chosen.  You can then export the details to excel by clicking on the Export Details button.

1099s are mailed through regular USPS by January 31 of the following year to the primary address we have on file.  If you did not receive your 1099 by mid-February please contact the Compensation Team at for an electronic copy.

In LEADERSlink, select the Home Office Requests tab then click on the Create New Home Office Request button.  Choose “Add/Chane Authorized User” from the drop-down option, then click Continue.  Complete all fields, click Save, and click Submit for Approval.

In LEADERSlink, select the Home Office Requests tab then click on the Create New Home Office Request button.  Choose “Update Bank EFT Information” from the drop-down option, then click Continue.  Complete the all fields and click Save.

A quick reference is to go to LEADERSlink and select the Dashboards tab.  Choose the Leaders Group | Compensation Dashboard from the drop-down options.  Click into the year you would like to view under the ‘Production/GDC’ section located on the left side of the page.  Then within the data, search for the specific policy you are looking for.  To search, hold down the “Ctrl” + “F”, type in or copy/paste in the policy number into the pop-up box.

On the home page of LEADERSlink, any compensation that are currently on hold will be listed under the “Hold/Suspense Report” section.  This will list the Client with the hold reason.  Click into the client for more details.

To get an overview of your year to date activities, go to LEADERSlink and select the Dashboards tab.  Choose the Leaders Group | Compensation Dashboard from the drop-down options.  Click into the year you would like to view under the ‘Production/GDC’ section located on the left side of the page.  You can then export the data into excel by clicking the ‘Export Details’ button.

*For advisory business choose the TLG Advisors | Compensation option from the drop-down menu

*For both businesses, choose the TLG/TLGA | Compensation option

Sometimes this is due to the page not auto refreshing on your view.  Remember to refresh every time LEADERSlink is accessed.  Click the “Refresh” button located on the Home or Dashboards tab.

To access the compensation statement for each week; login to LEADERSlink and select the Payout tab.  From the drop-down option choose Leaders Group with the associated year you would like to view, then click on the “Go!” button.  This will bring up all of the weekly cycles available.  Click into the specific cycle, then click on the Compensation Detail button for the statement.

*For advisory business choose TLG Advisors with its associated year from the drop-down option.

There is a $50.00 minimum for ACH payments.  Any activities below the minimum are carried forward to the next weekly cycles until the total accrued meets the minimum.

Payments must be received from the product sponsors by market close on Wednesdays to be included on the current week. This requires all necessary paperwork to be received and is in good order.  

*Cutoffs may vary depending on Holidays and/or staff availability.

Compensation are generally schedule to payout every Friday.  If a Holiday falls on Friday then payments are schedule for Thursdays.

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AssetMark, SEI, Mariner

No we do not allow advisors to vote for clients.


No. Individuals registered with TLG Advisors are “Investment Advisor Representatives”. TLGA is the Registered Investment Advisor.

No, but you will need to register in that state under Leaders Group (if you’re registered with the BD). On the advisory side you only need to be registered in the state where your business is located.

If you do not have any advisory clients or solicit advisory services then you do no have one. If you do have clients, it’s located here: under Advisor Resources. Password is tlga (all lowercase)

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If the client has no credit history, they will not be able to authenticate themselves with the security questions. The questions are drafted from the credit history of the user through a system called LexisNexis.

The forms can be exported from Laserapp as a PDF and print them to have the client sign. To do this, log back into Laserapp and navigate to the “Saved forms” section. This section will have any forms that are in progress saved here. From here, click the Print Preview and proceed to print.

The forms can still be filled out electronically but will need to be printed out for a “wet” signature. However, any TLG forms can still be signed via electronic signature.

Unfortunately, there is nothing The Leaders Group can assist with if a client fails authentication. To be sure the client will be able to pass authentication, ensure they have a credit history and are familiar with data such as their addresses from the past 5 years.

There is a yellow tab on the sides of the forms that indicate where initials or a signature is needed. The client can click through to each area, or will see them as they read through the forms.

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Both numbers are in this format (last name initial, first name initial and last 4 of your SSN) i.e AB1234

No – you can provide your broker dealer information on the application submitted to carrier.

Email request and product brochures to

You can apply for new license, renew your license, add lines of authority or update your contact information by visiting

Yes we require new Index Annuity business to be processed through TLG and we can coordinate the appointment paperwork with your Annuity IMO/FMO

Yes you will need to be appointed under The Leaders Group prior to submitting servicing changes, with some carriers they can be submitted concurrently.

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Yes, if you have an active 24 or 26 when you are registered with The Leaders Group, we will pick up that registration for you.

You can email with your new contact information and effective date of the change.  We will then update your U4.

There are two main ways to do this.  If you have access to Leaders Link you can submit a Home Office Request.  You can also send an email to to request a state be added.  Each state has a fee to add.

Once a Consent for Pre Hire is received, the compliance approval will take 24-48 hours.  Once the registration paperwork is received back at The Leaders Group, all paperwork should be processed (assuming nothing additional is needed) within 24-48 hours.

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